Should you buy supplements on social media?

Instagram, Tick Tok, Twitter, and (of course) Facebook are full of influencers promoting supplements.

But should you listen?

Here we explore why you shouldn’t buy supplements from social media stars, and instead only use online stores that you can trust.

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Can vitamin supplements build stronger bones?

Britain’s bone health is once again in the news, with women aged over 40 at the highest risk of suffering from osteoporosis. Post-menopausal women are most at risk of experiencing losing bone density– and should be focusing on improving bone health.

Bone health supplements seem to be everywhere. But can they really help to build stronger bones?

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Introducing Prowise supplements

Prowise Healthcare is a UK-based supplement manufacturer that’s dedicated to delivering exceptional quality products at the best prices.

We’re proud to stock a range of Prowise supplements (at the best prices, of course), and wanted to introduce you to this challenger brand with a big future.

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Introducing OSAVI supplements

Have you ever heard of OSAVI supplements?

This new brand is challenging the market, providing high-quality bone health supplements at affordable prices! Learn why OSAVI should in your basket today!

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Best sites for bone health advice

We do everything we can to stay up to date on the latest science, research, and information on bone health. But where do we go? Let’s show you!

Here are our favourite resources for information on bone health advice, including advice on the best supplements and vitamins for bones.

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