Posted on 24 February 2023

Introducing Prowise supplements

Prowise Healthcare is a UK-based supplement manufacturer that’s dedicated to delivering exceptional quality products at the best prices.

We’re proud to stock a range of Prowise supplements (at the best prices, of course), and wanted to introduce you to this challenger brand with a big future.

What does Prowise Healthcare say?

So, what does Prowise Healthcare say about itself?

Prowise Healthcare is a well-known and trusted Vitamins & Supplements brand that has served millions of customers worldwide for over 6 years.

All of our products are made & certified in the UK to the highest manufacturing standards in the world (GMP, BRC) using the ­best ingredients sourced from all around the world to improve people’s health and well-being.

The brand is establishing itself as a leader in high-quality, low-cost supplements that deliver an incredible boost to your body and bones.

Why choose Prowise supplements?

We’ve been really impressed by Prowise Healthcare supplements. They’re high-quality and produced in the UK – which ensures they’re manufactured to a good standard.

Customers have found that the supplements deliver the boost they need for body and bones. Don’t believe us? Check out the thousands of positive reviews online.

Prowise supplements are often cheaper than competitors, but that’s not because they’re lower quality. It’s because the business is working hard to build a brand. At the moment, we’re benefitting from low prices on high-quality supplements, and we can deliver them to you at quite incredible prices.

Our advice: don’t miss out!

Are Prowise supplements vegetarian and vegan?

Yes, the majority of Prowise supplements are vegetatian and vegan. In fact, Prowise provides clear information on everything that goes into their supplements.

Prowise is a UK-based business, with all of its supplements manufactured in the UK. Rigorous regulation ensures that every Prowise supplements deliver everything they says on the label. You can buy with confidence.

Prowise bone health supplements

We’re 100% focused on improving your bone health, so we’ve selected our favourite Prowise vitamins and supplements to stock:

Prowise Organic Turmeric 2280mg (High Strength) with Black Pepper

Prowise Organic Turmeric Capsules 1440mg – 120 Capsules

Prowise Vitamin D3 4000IU & K2 MK7 – 180 Tablets

Prowise Joint Care – Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCL 1500mg – 60 Tablets

Prowise Vitamin D3 4000iu + K2 MK7 25µg – Orange Liquid Drops

Why Stronger Bones loves Prowise supplements…

Prowise is a UK brand that’s building a big reputation for low cost and high quality. Everything is designed, manufactured, and distributed in the UK – and all is done to exceptional standards.

Many of the Prowise supplements are vegetarian and vegan, which means they’re as good for you as they are for the planet.

This wouldn’t mean much if the supplements themselves didn’t do the job, but thankfully they do.

How do we know? Because our customers tell us. They’re happy with the impact that Prowise supplements are having on their health and wellbeing. To us, that’s what matters the most.

Do you stock all Prowise supplements?

Prowise Healthcare offers customers an incredible range of vitamins and supplements. While we love what the Prowise Healthcare team does, we’re only currently interested in stocking a selection of supplements that can help you build stronger bones.

We’ve assessed the full range of Prowise supplements and selected those which we think will appeal to our customers.

If you don’t agree, then get in touch! We’re always looking to review and refresh our product mix. We also work closely with the Prowise team and can order additional product quickly.

If Prowise produces it, we can stock it. So always get in touch if you want something but can’t see it in stock.

Why are you cheaper than other online supplement sellers?

When we buy in bulk, we can save money – which we pass on to you (thanks!). Spend over £25, and you can enjoy free Royal Mail shipping. It’s 100% guaranteed to get to you and you can even track progress online.

As well as Prowise supplements, we also stock a range of exceptional quality supplement brands to help you build stronger bones and improve your overall health and wellbeing. You can check out our shop and buy today.

As you’ve read this far, we’d like to give you a prize. Use discount code LIVEBETTER10 to save 10% off your next order of Prowise supplements.

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