Posted on 21 March 2023

Should you buy supplements on social media?

Instagram, Tick Tok, Twitter, and (of course) Facebook are full of influencers promoting supplements. The latest craze is for magnesium supplements that some online social media users promote as a cure for just about everything.

But should you listen?

Here we explore why you shouldn’t buy supplements from social media stars, and instead only use online stores that you can trust.

Why do social media stars sell supplements?

Social media stars sell supplements for the simple reason that they can. Some influencers have millions of followers and know that even a short advert can translate into thousands of pounds (or dollars) of supplement sales.

In most cases, social media influencers don’t really care about the supplements. They’re typically paid per tweet, post, or TikTok to sell supplements without knowing what they’re selling.

This creates a dangerous situation where they use their professional profile to promote products they don’t understand.

In the best-case scenario, these supplements are safe and harmless. In the worst case, these supplements are poor quality and can harm your health.

Is it legal to sell supplements through social media?

Yes, it’s 100% legal to sell supplements through social media. Some of the biggest and best brands in the world connect to customers through online channels. What’s different is that they have legal teams that check the accuracy of their online advertising, ensuring that they stick to the rules when promoting supplements.

Social media influencers can easily fall foul of the law, getting themselves into legal hot water when they make outlandish health claims.

Can I believe the health claims of supplements sold on social media?

The answer is no.

The simple truth is that you can’t tell if a supplement promoted by a social media influencer is appropriate for you.

One of the most popular – and controversial wellness bloggers is Gwyneth Paltrow. She regularly courts controversy by sharing her health and wellbeing tips online.

While Gwyneth looks the picture of health, she has been criticised for making claims that may not be supported by medical science.

The supplements, exercise routines, and lifestyle she leads may work for her – but they may not work for you.

Are supplements sold through social media safe?

The problem with buying supplements through social media is that you don’t know whether you’re getting a high-quality product.

The products you find in supplement stores and the Stronger Bones shop, for example, are all high-quality UK products that have been manufactured to the required standards.

Supplements sold online won’t necessarily come with this guarantee of quality. The supplements may be of poor quality or not deliver the specific amount of a vitamin or mineral that it says.

As well as concerns over product quality, many supplements sold online are accompanied by exaggerated claims that cannot be proven.

Where should you buy bone health supplements?

Instead of shopping through social media, you should buy supplements from a source that you can trust. Of course, you can drop into a high-street shop, but you’ll pay a premium.

Instead, shop online with Stronger Bones!

You’ll always find the UK’s best selection of bone and joint health supplements at the lowest prices. We stock supplements from brands including Higher Nature, Osavi, BetterYou, Solgar and Prowise.

All our supplements are available at the lowest prices, saving you at least 20% on highstreet prices (and in some cases, even more!).

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