Posted on 19 August 2022

Are vitamin D supplements good for bones?

Vitamin D supplements are recommended by the NHS and others to improve bone health but do they work, and are they worth it? It’s a question lots of us are asking, so let’s find out.

You may have read in the papers that scientists have questioned the benefits of vitamin D supplements. It’s all because a new research paper has found that for healthy adults, vitamin D supplements didn’t help them much.

So, does this mean that vitamin D supplements are a waste of time?

It’s not quite that simple.

The people in the study were all healthy adults with healthy, strong bones. However, in this case, supplements aren’t going to help much as people already have strong bones. In fact, just 2.4% of those involved suffered severe vitamin D deficiency.

The lesson is that healthy people with healthy diets probably don’t need supplements. Which, as a headline, is perhaps less exciting but more accurate.

The team behind the study is clear that the study results didn’t include “older adults who were not selected for vitamin D deficiency, low bone mass, or osteoporosis.”

So, do vitamin D supplements work?

The study is an excellent addition to a growing body of research into the benefits of supplements and shows that, for some people, they won’t provide a huge benefit.

However, other research has demonstrated that vitamin D can improve bone health and the immune system. Vitamin D deficiency is also closely related to a whole range of health conditions, including cancer and heart disease.

The NHS, Royal Osteoporosis Society, and many other healthcare providers, scientists, and experts across the world still recommend taking a daily vitamin D supplement.

It’s because when it comes to our bodies, we’re all different. So while vitamin D supplements will help some, they may not work for all of us.

Getting the bone health supplements you need

Scientists are helping us to learn more and more about how our bodies work.

It’s true that scientists have questioned the benefit of supplements. It’s also true that you should be able to get all the bone health vitamins and minerals that you need from a healthy and balanced diet (and safe exposure to the sun).

However, it can be challenging to ensure we get the vitamins and minerals we need in the quantities required.

Unless we accurately measure the nutritional intake, we can’t say for sure whether we’re getting everything we need. And who, quite frankly, has the time? (Not us!)

And this is where supplements can play a role.

On every supplement packet, you’ll find details of what’s inside. That means you can accurately measure your intake and ensure you get enough of every vitamin and mineral your body needs to build stronger bones.

You can choose between a single supplement that provides all the recommended amounts of bone health vitamins or select individual supplements to deliver the bone health benefits you need.

When you’re ready to choose, check out the Stronger Bones shop, where you can find a huge range of high-quality bone health supplements.

Please remember, we’re not medical professionals or doctors and aren’t qualified to give you medical advice. Every person is different, so be sure to speak to your doctor before taking any supplements.

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