Posted on 7 October 2022

Vitamin D sprays – do they work?

Vitamin D sprays are an increasingly popular way for adults and children to get the natural boost they need. But do they work?

The answer is yes, experts found. Scientists at the University of Sheffield found that sprays were as effective as capsules and gummies.

In the trial, two groups of people took a daily dose of vitamin D3 (3000IU per day). One group took vitamin D3 in a capsule and the other as an oral spray for six weeks during the middle of winter, when vitamin D is often at its lowest levels.

All people in the trial who took a vitamin D3 supplement boosted their levels of this essential sunshine vitamin. What’s more, there was no difference between those who took a spray or tablet.

70% of people involved in the trial preferred taking the spray to a capsule. Why? Because it was easier to take, more convenient to store and much easier to carry.

Dr Bernard Corfe, Senior Lecturer in Molecular Gastroenterology at the University of Sheffield and Principal Investigator for the trial: “Often people can forget, or don’t want to take a daily supplement, especially those who take multiple medications. Children and people who have trouble swallowing due to medical conditions also can also have difficulty taking tablets, so to find that a spray is just as effective at raising people’s vitamin D levels provides a real alternative for those whose vitamin D levels are low.”

Those with the lowest levels of vitamin D benefitted the most, experts found. The short course of vitamin D helped to restore balance to the body and replenish vitamin D.

Dr Corfe explains the impact of vitamin D supplementation on the participants. “All participants achieved adequate levels of vitamin D after just 21 days of using an oral spray, with those individuals who were considered severely deficient at the beginning of the trial (with levels lower than 25(OH)D) experiencing the most effective uptake of the supplement.”

Evidence of the effectiveness of Vitamin D supplements is growing, but there’s more work to do, says Dr Corfe. “There is now more awareness of the need for people to supplement their vitamin D, but only around 40 per cent of adults in the UK are considered to have sufficient levels. So this research is the opportunity to highlight the importance of this essential vitamin in supporting overall health, and in providing a valuable alternative source for those who may struggle to, or prefer not, to take tablets.”

Customers today can choose from a range of vitamin D3 supplements, including tablets, capsules, sprays and gummies.

If you’ve never tried a vitamin spray before ,they’re simple to use. You give the small bottle a shake, open your mouth and spray. You can find vitamin D3 supplements in a range of delicious flavours and a range of strengths.

One of the great benefits of supplement sprays is how easy they are to use on children. While many children won’t take a daily supplement (even a yummy gummy), most will manage a small squirt or spray with no problem.

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