Posted on 8 November 2022

All older people should take vitamin D and calcium supplements, say experts

A group of the world’s leading scientists has concluded that all older people should take vitamin D and calcium supplements to reduce fractures.

After reviewing the evidence, the expert panel at the 5th International Conference Controversies in Vitamin D found that this vital vitamin can dramatically damage bones.

Vitamin D plays a critical role in the bone-building process, helping your body to absorb calcium to give bones their strength and hardness. Vitamin D is created by our bodies when exposed to sunlight.

During spring, autumn, and winter, the lack of sunlight leaves many of us deficient. It’s why the NHS and royal Osteoporosis Society recommend that we should all take a supplement. We can now add to that list the attendees at the Controversies in Vitamin D conference.

The expert panel found that age-related changes caused by vitamin D deficiency can reduce bone mineral density and increase the risk of fractures and falls. As well as its impact on bone health, vitamin D density could be a risk factor in diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

The solution? “Supplementation with vitamin D is the best option,” say the experts in a new paper published in Endocrine journal.

“Vitamin D supplementation should be combined with calcium to reduce fractures in the older population,” said the participants at the conference.

They found that taking a daily low-dose vitamin D supplement can reduce the risk of falls, especially in the elderly.

As well as reducing the risk of falls, vitamin D supplementation could also play a role in slowing – and potentially even halting – the progression of diabetes.

Vitamin D deficiency can be damaging, but there are no clear symptoms that our bodies are running low. During the conference, the attendees debated the options to combat vitamin D deficiency: getting more sunshine, eating fortified foods, or taking a daily supplement.

“Of three possible strategies to establish vitamin D sufficiency – sunshine exposure, food fortification, and supplementation – the latter seems to be the most effective and practical in the aging population,” they conclude.

This doesn’t mean you should stay inside when the sun is shining! “A single 15-minute sun exposure (>40% body area) results in considerable vitamin D production in the skin, not only in younger volunteers but also in older ones,” they found.

So, what supplements are best for bone health? The authors found that high-dose (100,000 IU) vitamin D supplementation offered few benefits. Instead, they suggest a daily vitamin D supplement of 400IU is enough.

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