Posted on 18 November 2022

Vitamin D deficiency linked to early death, study finds

We know that getting enough vitamin D is critical for stronger bones, but it could also play a key role in maintaining overall health, scientists say.

A new Australian study has found a link between vitamin D deficiency and premature death. The most acute the vitamin D deficiency, the bigger the impact, say experts.

In a new study published in Annals of Internal Medicine, scientists describe how they analysed the medical records of over 300,000 patients from the UK biobank. The researchers followed-up patients over 14 years and found that the risk of premature death was higher among those with vitamin D deficiency.

The higher levels of vitamin D deficiency, the worse the outcomes, researchers found.

“The take-home message here is simple – the key is in the prevention. It is not good enough to think about vitamin D deficiency when already facing life-challenging situations when early action could make all the difference,” said co-author Professor Elina Hyppönen.

To improve health outcomes, the authors urge action to ensure that we all get the vitamin D that we need. Even in sun-drenched Australia, where the research team is from, an incredible 1-in-3 people is vitamin D deficient. It’s similar in the UK, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the NHS and Royal Osteoporosis Society recommend that all adults consider taking a vitamin D supplement daily.

Scientists have known for years that vitamin D deficiency is related to premature death, but it’s impossible to study the relationship because of medical ethics. However, the UK Biobank provides researchers with anonymised data of UK patients that they can use to identify trends.

“It is very important to continue public health efforts to ensure the vulnerable and elderly maintain sufficient vitamin D levels throughout the year,” says Hyppönen.

Getting the vitamin D you need is as simple as stepping out into the sun. However, it’s almost impossible to get the vitamin D you need during the spring, autumn, and winter.

The good news is that there is a vast range of vitamin D supplements for you to choose from. Alongside traditional supplement capsules, you can find super cool sprays and delicious gummies to keep you topped up with the sunshine vitamin.

Of course, a vitamin D supplement is only the start of building a better you. You should also make changes to your lifestyle, including eating a better diet, exercising regularly, cutting down on alcohol, and stopping smoking. Before making big changes to your diet and lifestyle, you should always speak to your doctor.

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You can read the full paper, Vitamin D Deficiency Increases Mortality Risk in the UK Biobank, here.

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