Posted on 6 October 2022

Your guide to cholecalciferol

Cholecalciferol plays a crucial role in bone health and the absorption of calcium. Have you heard about cholecalciferol but don’t know what it is? (TLDR it’s also known as vitamin D3).

In this article, we explain what cholecalciferol is, where you can find it and why cholecalciferol supplements are beneficial to a range of conditions, including bone health and the menopause.

What is cholecalciferol?

You may not have heard of cholecalciferol, but you’ll likely have heard of vitamin D.

Cholecalciferol is a kind of vitamin D that’s generated by the skin when it’s exposed to the light of the sun. Cholecalciferol is also known as vitamin D3 and, alongside vitamin D2, is used by the body to increase intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate.

Put simply; Vitamin D helps the gut deliver more calcium into the blood from your diet.

Cholecalciferol is prescribed by the NHS for a range of health conditions but is also available as a dietary supplement that anyone can buy.

Alongside vitamin D3, you’ll also see vitamin D2, also known by its clinical name, ergocalciferol. Vitamin D2 is also available as a supplement and is considered by scientists to be as effective as vitamin D3.

Where is the best source of cholecalciferol?

Cholecalciferol is also known as vitamin D3; your body can generate it by exposing your skin to the sun.

You can also find cholecalciferol in the skin of some oily fish. It’s tough to get the vitamin D3 your body needs from your diet alone (and even more complicated if you’re a vegetarian), which is why many of us take vitamin D supplements.

The NHS recommends that all of us take a vitamin D supplement every year between October and March when it’s difficult to expose our skin to the sun.

Are you getting enough vitamin D? It’s highly likely that you aren’t.

Some people who are at risk of vitamin D deficiency or want to boost their bodily intake of vitamin D take a daily supplement.

What does cholecalciferol do?

Vitamin D is critical in regulating the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. According to experts, these vitamins are essential in keeping bones and teeth healthy, but at least 1-in-4 of us are deficient in vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency can affect you in several ways, say scientists. Vitamin D could help protect against:

  • bone loss
  • depression
  • type 2 diabetes
  • heart disease
  • multiple sclerosis

There’s a growing body of evidence about the benefits of vitamin D for bone health and well-being. New studies suggest that all post-menopausal women should take a vitamin D supplement.

The NHS recommends that babies and children under four should take a vitamin D supplement and adults at risk of certain conditions.

Is cholecalciferol good for you?

Vitamin D deficiency is a real risk for many of us, and it’s easy to give your body a boost with a daily vitamin D3 supplement.

The Royal Osteoporosis Society recommends that all adults at risk of developing osteoporosis or living with osteoporosis take a high-quality vitamin D supplement every day.

This is considered the safe upper limit for a daily vitamin D3 supplement.

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) supplements for sale are all safe and contain a measured dosage.

Adults should find that 100 micrograms (400iu) should be enough. but if you want an extra boost, you can find vitamin D3 supplements that contain up to 100 micrograms (4,000 IU).

Some people may experience side effects, including chest pains and shortness of breath, but these are rare. If you consume large amounts of vitamin D3 over a prolonged period, there is a risk that you could overdose.

Where does cholecalciferol come from?

If you’ve searched online, you may have heard that vitamin D3 in supplements comes from lambswool, specifically, a substance called lanolin. In this process, sheep’s wool is exposed to UV light and then goes through several stages to extract vitamin D3, which can then be processed until it can be included in sprays, tablets, capsules and gummies.

Thankfully, today there are several organic ways of generating vitamin D3 for supplements, including extracting it from mushrooms.

Whether you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, it’s always worth checking the manufacturer’s description to see what their vitamin D3 products are.

Can cholecalciferol harm you?

You can’t overdose on vitamin D3 through sunlight alone. (But you should always limit your time in the sun and wear suntan lotion if you spend long periods outside on hot days!)

Like everything, moderation is key when taking vitamin D3. In extreme cases, you can overdose on vitamin D3. Taking too much vitamin D3 (or vitamin D2) over long periods can damage your health and affect your bones.

How much cholecalciferol should I take?

The NHS recommends that adults should ensure they get 100 micrograms (400iu) of cholecalciferol every day.

Some people may benefit from taking larger doses. If you choose to take more vitamin D3, it’s safe to take up to 100 micrograms (4,000 IU) each day.

Before taking any supplements, it’s essential to speak to your doctor. In rare cases, cholecalciferol can react to some prediction medicines. It’s also important to talk to a medical professional before taking any supplements for your bones, body and overall health and well-being.

Where to buy cholecalciferol?

At Stronger Bones, we sell a range of cholecalciferol. You’ll find cholecalciferol tablets, cholecalciferol sprays, and cholecalciferol gummies. As well as vitamin D3 supplements, you can find cholecalciferol as part of some multivitamins.

What’s the best vitamin D3 cholecalciferol?

We’re all different; what works best for you may not work for someone else. At Stronger Bones, we stock a range of cholecalciferol supplements.

We recommend trying several supplements until you find what works for you

You may already take a vitamin D3 supplement daily, but there are now alternatives, including vitamin D3 gummies and vitamin D3 sprays.

Alongside cholecalciferol supplements for adults, you’ll also find a range of vitamin D3 supplements for children from brands including BetterYou.

Is it safe to take cholecalciferol?

Absolutely! In fact, as we’ve explained, the NHS suggests that all adults could benefit from a cholecalciferol supplement during the darker months of the year.

You should always speak to your doctor or a medical professional before taking any supplements, including cholecalciferol.

The information in this article isn’t medical advice, and we recommend always chatting with a doctor before starting to take any new supplements.

Can I buy cholecalciferol from Stronger Bones?

Absolutely! You’ll find a range of cholecalciferol supplements, sprays and gummies at Stronger Bones. We stock some of the world’s best-selling brands, including Vitabiotics, Solgar, BetterYou, Higher Nature and others.

You’ll always find a huge selection of cholecalciferol supplements in our shop. Want to save more? Then subscribe to make even more significant savings!

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