Posted on 24 August 2022

Why did Kim Kardashian get a DEXA scan?

Kim Kardashian was recently criticised in the press for boasting about her bone density. But why?

Ok, so she’s basically bragging about her bones, and that’s not cool. But taking your bone health seriously is essential.

Kim Kardashian is right to get serious about her bones; you should too.

Here’s why.

What’s a DEXA scan? (And do I need one?)

DEXA scans use low-dose x-rays to check the health of your bones. They scan your bones to find out how dense they are.

While you may be worried about your bones, your doctor will only suggest you have a DEXA scan if you are:

  • over 50 with a risk of developing osteoporosis; or
  • under 50 with other risk factors, such as smoking or a previous broken bone

In the States (and here), you can get a DEXA scan privately if you can afford it. Private DEXA scans start at a little under £100 and can go up to £250, depending on your location.

Why did Kim Kardashian get a DEXA scan?

The first answer is: Who knows why Kim Kardashian does anything?

But there are good reasons why Kim Kardashian – and any woman in her late 30s – might want to get serious about her body composition and bone health.

Women’s bones are strongest in their mid-20s. After this, bones begin to lose their strength (density).

It’s a fact that women lose more bone density faster than men, which is why they’re four times more likely to experience a fracture or break.

Maybe Kim wanted to know just how strong her bones were because she was worried.

OK, so posting results online was a bit cheap, but she’s raised an issue that no woman should ignore.

Why women need to get serious about bone health

The truth is that women are more likely to experience breaks and fractures caused by poor bone health.

These can have a massive impact on freedom and flexibility.

That means that women should start getting serious about their bone health. And the early you get started, the bigger the impact you can have on your bones.

If you’re diagnosed with osteoporosis, your doctor will prescribe you a range of treatments to help improve your life.

But you don’t need to wait that long. You don’t need to get a DEXA scan like KK to know that your body and bones could do with a boost.

Every woman over 30 should be doing more to protect her bone health – and the good news is, it’s pretty simple.

  • Exercise more
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Stop smoking and drinking
  • Take supplements such as vitamin D and calcium to boost bone health

Want to know more? Check out our guide on 7 ways to improve bone density.

How can I tell if I have osteoporosis?

Only a doctor can diagnose you with osteoporosis. In many cases, you’ll only get diagnosed with osteoporosis if you suffer from a fall, fracture, or break.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be suffering from osteoporosis in your 30s and 40s, but it’s worth knowing the symptoms of osteoporosis.

Check out this video to learn more about the symptoms of osteoporosis.

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Worried about your bones? Chat with a doctor

The information in this article is aimed at helping you learn more about bone health.

If you’re worried about your bones, then always chat with a doctor. They’re medical professionals who can help you find the best treatments, supplements, exercises and more to keep your bones stronger for longer.

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