Posted on 11 August 2022

What is the best supplement for bone repair?

Calcium and vitamin D are critical for building stronger bones. If you’re deficient, calcium and vitamin D are the best supplements for bone repair. They work together to help stimulate the bone cells to regenerate and rebuild, helping you to get stronger bones.

Do I need to take bone repair supplements?

Studies show that up to 40% of us aren’t getting enough vitamin D. We get vitamin D when our bodies are exposed to the sun, which isn’t always possible in the UK.

As a result, the NHS recommends that all of us take a vitamin D supplement during spring, autumn, and winter. This is because vitamin D regulates calcium in the body. Simply put, you won’t build stronger bones if you aren’t getting enough vitamin D.

But vitamin D alone won’t build strong bones; you also need to ensure you’re getting enough calcium.

Calcium is, as we all know, one of the building blocks of our bones. We should be able to get all the calcium we need from our diets.

You can get calcium in various foods, including dairy like milk and cheese, leafy green vegetables and foods with added calcium. 

There are other vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Want to know more? Then read our guide on the best vitamins for bones and joints.

So, do I need to take bone health supplements?

If you have osteopenia or osteoporosis, you’re at risk of developing osteoporosis or are worried about your bone health. Taking supplements is the only way you’ll be able to guarantee you’re getting the vitamins you need.

You’ll find information on every supplement detailing the amounts of calcium, vitamin D, and all other vitamins and minerals, including any bone health supplements; you should speak to a doctor or medical professional.

Some supplements can interact with prescription medicines, so you should always chat with someone who understands you and your body.

Should I buy a single bone health supplement or separate ones?

When you start shopping for bone health supplements, you’ll see there are two options:

  • combination supplements that include different vitamins and minerals; and
  • individual supplements.

Let’s look at each choice.

Should I take a combination bone health supplement?

Combination supplements, such as Higher Nature’s Super-Osteofood, contain a range of essential vitamins and minerals.

These supplements are designed by bone health supplement companies to provide a single, simple solution.


  • You only need to take one bone health supplement every day
  • They’re easier to carry, and you’re less likely to forget to take them
  • Buying one supplement is cheaper than buying three or more
  • If you know what you want, buying a Stronger Bones subscription enables you to save even more


  • You may find combination bone health supplements don’t include everything you need
  • Concentrations of bone-building essentials, such as vitamin D and calcium, will be lower than if you buy separate supplements
  • You have to take a daily tablet; they don’t come as gummies or sprays

Should I take individual bone health supplements?

You can buy a selection of individual supplements, such as vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, and others, to help build stronger bones.

You’ll need to know what your body needs (or get professional advice), but the benefits to your body can be great.

Here are some pros and cons of buying individual bone health supplements.


  • You’re in total control of what goes into your body
  • You can change supplements, experimenting to find what works best for your bones and body
  • Supplements are available as pills, gummies, and sprays
  • Individual supplements are higher quality
  • You can ensure you get adequate amounts of each vitamin and mineral you need
  • You’re not taking vitamins and minerals that won’t benefit your bone health


  • You’ll need to take more than one supplement a day
  • It’s more to remember and carry
  • It can be more expensive to buy multiple supplements (but you can save money by subscribing with Stronger Bones)
  • You need to know what your body needs (so read our guide to the best bone health supplements!)

Can supplements repair bone?

Supplements can help your body, providing it with a boost of the essential vitamins and minerals that it needs to repair bone.

But supplements alone can’t rebuild bone.

You’ll need to eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. It’s essential that you exercise regularly, including weight-bearing exercise that puts pressure on your bones.

Experts have found that quitting smoking and cutting down on alcohol can also benefit your bones.

If you want more information, read our guide on how to make your bones stronger.

Can supplements treat osteoporosis or prevent osteoporosis?

No supplement can prevent osteoporosis, and no supplement can treat osteoporosis.

However, supplements can play a role in an overall strategy to help maintain your bone health and minimise bone loss as you age.

If you’re diagnosed with osteoporosis, your doctor will discuss treatment options with you. They can provide expert information and advice on the supplements you might need. They’ll also be able to answer any questions about potential interactions between supplements and prescription medications.

Want more information on bone health?

Our Insights page is the best place to find evidence-based information on better bone health. You’ll find the latest on osteoporosis research, as well as in-depth guides on how to improve your bone health.

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