Posted on 22 March 2022

Vitamin D supplements beneficial for osteoporosis

Calcium and vitamin D supplementation has a positive impact on bone density, say scientists writing Drugs and Cell Therapies in Hematology.

Taking a calcium and vitamin D supplement each day can improve bone strength and delay the progression of osteoporosis, they found. It’s more evidence of the vital role supplements can play in preventing osteoporosis.

Scientists analysed the medical histories of 230 patients diagnosed with osteoporosis. Specifically, they checked for a family history of osteoporosis and any use of medications and supplements.

The information was supported by each patient’s bone mass measurement of lumbar and spine regions.

Scientists then compared patients’ bone mass density (BMD), identifying what they describe as a “significant difference in BMD” among those who took supplements and those who didn’t.

“Calcium and vitamin D supplements had a positive impact on bone density,” the authors established. The small-scale study also illustrates the vital genetic component of osteoporosis, with 60% of osteoporotic patients having a family history of the disease.

While the findings are exciting, the authors strike a note of caution. “Several other factors including age, lifestyle, nutritional factors, smoking, low testosterone in

males, and menopause are also associated with osteoporosis,” they say. “High body mass, age, low calcium intake, and little to no physical activity are significantly associated with the progression of osteoporosis.”

Almost half of all patients took medications that could affect calcium and vitamin D, caution the authors.

While supplements can positively impact bone health, a healthy diet and exercise are critical, the authors say. “Individuals having low physical activity were at high risk of bone loss,” they discovered.

The paper provides more evidence of the benefits of supplements as part of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

People at risk of osteoporosis or living with the condition should eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, alongside taking high-quality supplements.

You can read the full paper, Role of Calcium and Vitamin D in Regulating the Progression of Osteoporosis, here.

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