Posted on 17 September 2022

A natural boost when you need it

Don’t you feel better after some time in the sun? That’s vitamin D doing its best to help your body. Learn how supplements can give your body a natural boost at a time when we all need it.

This past week has been hard on us all. Sometimes, things that affect us emotionally can physically impact us, too – and we need a little extra support. Of course, at Stronger Bones, we’re focused on the bone health benefits of supplements, but they can also help improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, has a close relationship with our mental health, scientists have found. Taking a vitamin D supplement helped reduce negative emotions in some people, a study established.

Scientists don’t know exactly how it works, but a lack of vitamin D can make us feel anxious and depressed.

The easiest way to get the vitamin D you need is to take a walk in the sun, but it’s not always possible – particularly during autumn and winter.

The NHS recommends that every adult take a vitamin D supplement to help improve the health of your body and bones.

The great news is that high-quality vitamin D supplements, such as Natures Aid Vitamin D3 1000IU, are affordable.

It’s an easy and cheap way to improve our mental and physical health.


Magnesium plays a vital role in the function of our brains. People with depression are likely to have lower levels of magnesium, scientists found in this 2015 study.

You can find magnesium in a whole range of foods, including greens, nuts, seeds, whole grains, wheat germ and oat bran.

Taking a magnesium supplement had a positive impact on mental health, experts found. People taking a magnesium supplement reported feeling less anxious and depressed. After the trial, 61% said they’d continue to take a magnesium supplement to help their health and wellbeing.

You’ll find a huge range of Magnesium supplements for sale, including Naked Pharmacy’s 100% vegan Marine Magnesium.

Vitamin B6

Did you know that taking a vitamin B6 supplement every day reduces anxiety and depression? (We’ve written about it here, so give it a read!).

Scientists found that taking high-dose vitamin B6 supplements had a “statistically reliable difference” to mental health.

We’re not suggesting you overdose on vitamin B6 (please don’t!), but the Osavi Magnesium + Vitamin B6 is a great combination supplement that could benefit your body and mind.

Vitamin K

Adults with high levels of vitamin K had better mental health. “Higher dietary vitamin K intake was significantly associated with a lower presence of depressive symptoms,” experts discovered in a recent trial.

Vitamin K is found in leafy green vegetables, like spinach, sprouts, broccoli, and kale.

If you’re not a fan of eating greens (why not?!!), then vitamin K supplements can deliver the boost you need.

Experts found that the benefits of vitamin K on mental health were boosted if taken at the same time as a vitamin D supplement, so wjy not combine them?

It’s one of the reasons why our Prowise Vitamin D3 4000IU & K2 supplement is one of our favourites.

Don’t want to take a tablet? It’s also available as a spray as well – and all for the same price.

Minerals and botanicals

We’ve used plants for thousands of years to help us improve mood, health and wellbeing.

One of our favourite formulations is Higher Nature Menophase.

Menophase contains specific vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to help support women through the menopause.

It’s ideal for women who want a balance of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to help them feel stronger and live better.

A little helping hand from Stronger Bones

Supplements can play a part in helping you to feel better, but there are natural ways to improve your mood.

Some of the ways to improve your well-being including eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals and getting some exercise.

During periods of reflection, we can often feel alone – but you aren’t. Charities such as MIND offer incredible support, including Side-by-Side, its online community.

We know it’s hard for everyone at the moment, so we want to give you a little helping hand. Use the code livebetter10 and save 10% on all Stronger Bones products.

You can find a huge range of supplements at the best prices in our shop.

If you’re struggling with your mental health or want to chat about physical problems, book an appointment with a GP. We’re not medical professionals, and this doesn’t constitute medical advice. You should always speak to a doctor before taking any supplements.

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