Prevent Box

Prevent Box

From: £22.45 or from £15.70 every 3 months

Support your body and bones with a 3-month supply of natural vitamin D supplements, sprays, gummies, and more. Suitable for men and women of all ages who want a natural boost for their body and bones!

We’ll prevent you from ever running out of vitamin D supplements with a new box delivered every quarter. You’ll save 30% on shop prices, and enjoy free delivery.

Want to change your box? No problems! Use the Edit button to select the products you want. You can adjust all quantities to build your perfect vitamin D box!

How it works

Vitamin D is critical to building stronger bones, but too many of us don’t get enough. Our Protect. box contains a selection of vitamin D supplements, sprays, and more for you to try and enjoy.

In each box, you’ll receive 90 days of vitamin D supplements and supplies.

We’ve selected 3 of our favourite vitamin D products, but feel free to change and adapt your bone box!

Your body, your box, your rules.

Choose from a range of supplements, sprays, and gummies. When you’ve found the products you love, build your own Personalise. box and save 30% on every order.

You’ll receive a notification when we send out your first box.



Vitamin D is crucial to building stronger bones, but we don’t get enough. We also know that we all respond differently to supplements so it’s often trial and error to find something that works.

Our Protect. box provides 3 different Vitamin D products that you can try to find out what works for you. Everything is 100% shipped from the UK and sourced from the UK’s most exciting brands.

Supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle, so you’ll need to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and get some exercise!

You should only take one supplement per day. Taking too much vitamin D can be harmful to your health. Always read all labels and understand what you are taking.

Before taking any supplement, you should check with your doctor.


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